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Creating memories and experiences are the new must-have items – with the new phase of things as presented by the Global pandemic, people are sure to list off a ream of places they want to go and things they want to do. People’s way of expression is now a purchasing factor and a way people can be targeted for campaigns. We have now embraced the new world order of creating memories and enjoying life as it comes, with feelings that will last a lifetime.

Cinema is one of the most thrilling places to have a great time out with friends and family. Watching movies are no longer restricted to outdoor cinema, because people are now using their mobile devices on their favorite bed spot to stay thrilled with their loved ones. Digitalization of the movie industry is a major push as people are evolving with the trends of creating memories in their convenience.

As memories have become a must tick on today’s to-do list, it’s not so easy to tick a great thrilling experience of your list without a proper arrangement of stomach infrastructure and most importantly sorting for better audio-visual medium to make the night or day memorable. Averagely, people think projectors are destined to die for business purposes and academic presentations. Listen, the cinema experience you are wanting is closer to you than you ever imagined.

Now, let’s help you in creating an interactive cinema experience that will blow your mind with our carefully selected guide gotten from a user’s experience.

Picking the right spot;

This is where the excitement you are planning to share will be built upon. It’s advisable to always go with the mood of the movie in mind, like creating an arena for a gladiator related movie which will create an exciting ambience to prepare their minds or preferably a spacious place either indoor or outdoor, where everyone can be guaranteed expression.

Picking the right movie

There are factors that are determinants in giving everyone a good time while making a selection. Remember, this isn’t just any night – this night is all about entertaining your family and friends so if you are confused on what to pick, take inspiration from trending movies, movie review blogs, or pick from the outdoor cinema. As earlier mentioned, there are factors that should be greatly considered, which are; age appropriation, scenes that may offend certain people, and totally avoid movies with religious affiliations.

The medium;

With large number of persons waiting to be thrilled, a small screen is not going to cut it when you’re on a mission to wow friends and family.  Let the movie be unleashed in all of its splendor with a super-sized 1920 x 1200 display. Now is a good time to put your projector in good use. You can create a really nice display at a lesser cost of a large TV, plus you don’t have to worry on where to place the projector as it built to stay in front, rear, rear ceiling in a chosen position of your choice. The beauty of using a projector – mobile models can be moved from location-to-location making it possible to screen films in unusual settings.

The tip

It’s almost time to wow your family and friends. First, tip them into some nice cool music for the night, which can be an inspiration from your chosen movie or a family song that relive moments from childhood, then tip in snacks and drinks to tickle their taste buds. 

Keeping the moment

No exciting experience would be complete without taking pictures and most especially sharing it online. It’s advisable to announce to your guest prior to the event of your plans to get them thrilled, hype the moment from the birth of the planning. At no point should it get cold, in fact you can allow personal performances or generally do a karaoke to get started. Take pictures at every giggle, as it is known that unaware pictures do turn out well. Look for a perfect place for pictures so it can be orderly and ready to share on social media.

We really hope you bookmarked this page, because this is more than a guide, it’s a journey of creating endless cheers amongst friends and families. Please do have a really fun time with your family and friends. Share pictures of your set up and tag @itnowng on Instagram, if eventually you decide to fulfil the guide to the endless cheers.

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