72 X 72 Electric Projection Screen

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Motorised remote-controlled projection screen
72 x 72 inch square type projector screen
Finished in high quality matte white fabric
Framed in high quality, durable white casing
Made of reliable components for dependable performance and long service


72 x 72 Electric Projection Screen
The motorised 72 x 72 projections screen is ceiling or wall-mounted. Provided you have sufficient space to accomodate its size where you want to place it, this screen can easily be mounted. Once done, you can begin the enjoy the brilliance of vivid image display, which it offers. You also get to enjoy the convenience of motorised operation, using its remote control. The electric projection screen is contemporary design, suitable for today’s presentation requirements.

Motorised means that this screen has an electric motor, which can gently roll it down or back up, just at the press of the right button of the remote control. Drop-down levels can also be controlled, meaning you can roll it just to the level you require.

You don’t need a much wider screen? Then the 72 x 72 might just be it! This relatively small screen size will fit into small display space.

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