Acer X1123H Essential 3600 Lumen SVGA Projector

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Brightness of 3600 Lumens
SVGA (800 x 600) Native Resolution
1.94 to 2.16 Throw Ratio
HDMI, VGA & Composite Video Ports
Wireless Projection Mode
Auto Ceiling Mount Correction
1 Year Warranty

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Acer X1123H brings presentations to life and keeps your meetings focused with clarity and precision. The X1123H features 3,600 lumens. Its high brightness and LumiSense feature enable presenting data with a clearer and sharper edge. It is also equipped with Bluelight Shield that mitigates the negative effects of blue light exposure.

Smart Content-aware Process
LumiSense incorporates a clever content-aware process. It analyzes projected content frame by frame and dynamically adjusts image visibility to optimum levels. Thanks to LumiSense intelligent judgment and dynamic adjustment, all dark scenes are clearly displayed with no loss of detail.

Bright, Clear Images
3,600 lumens high brightness provides the ability to project crystal clear, vibrant images from a long distance on a large screen even in daytime indoors.

Give Color a Boost
ColorBoost3D is a combination of three technical advancements, a 6-segment color wheel design with DLP chip and lamp power control capability, that improve the optical color performance while reducing color shifts and brightness decay, for both 2D and 3D visuals. The advanced technology provides brighter, more realistic images and color fidelity.

Immune to Color Decay
ColorSafe II technology combines the dynamic RGB control techniques, and high-grade/quality projector lamps to extend Acer projectors’ lifespan. The technology prevents yellow hues, the sign of color decay, so even after thousands of hours of usage, Acer projectors continue to deliver consistent, natural colors.

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