Apple Lightning To USB 3.1 Gen 1 Camera Adapter

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Transfer Photos and Videos from Camera
Automatic Recognition
Supports Popular File Formats
Connects to USB-Based Peripherals
Data Transfer at up to USB 3.0 Speeds
Compatible with Lightning-Enabled iPads


Product Highlights
Transfer your digital camera’s photos and videos to your iPad with Apple’s Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Adapter. This adapter plugs directly into your iPad’s Lightning port, providing a USB Type-A port for your camera’s data cable. Your iPad will automatically open its Photos app so that you can choose which media to import. Additionally, various USB-based peripherals, including Ethernet adapters, audio interfaces, and card readers, can be connected through the USB port when the adapter is connected to power via its female Lightning connector.

The Lightning to USB 3.0 Camera Adapter transfers data at USB 3.0 speeds on the 12.9″ iPad Pro and at USB 2.0 speeds on other compatible iPads. It supports standard photo formats like JPEG and most RAW files as well as SD and HD video formats such as H.264 and MPEG-4. The adapter is compatible with all Lightning-enabled iPad models, including iPad mini.

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