Corel Painter 2016

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Dynamic Speckles
Special Media Brushes
Audio Expression
User Interface Options
Adobe Photoshop Brush Import
Visual Tooltips & Brush Hints
Custom Toolbox
Paper & Flow Map Rotation
Blending 2.0
Mac/Windows Compatible
1 Year Warranty

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Explore an impressive sensory selection of realistic Natural-Media and imaginative art materials in Painter 2016. Experience one-of-a-kind Audio Expression, smart photo cloning, killer composition tools, physics-inspired Particle brushes and in-app learning—all in high DPI.

Enjoy the speed and power of a hybrid native 64-bit Mac and PC application that’s compatible with Photoshop files and Adobe Brush import. Discover the world’s most expressive paint program and change what’s possible in art.

Smart Photo Painting
Transform photos into paintings using the powerful cloning and photo-painting tools of Painter 2016. Clone images by hand or let the Auto-Painting palette paint a photo for you using your choice of brush and media. Powerful SmartStroke brush technology follows lines and contours in your picture, just like a real artist would, and creates incredible photo art that will impress your audience.

Audio Expression
Feel the beat with your brushes! Painter 2016 now has brushes that react to sound. Jam to your favorite tunes, serenade your strokes, hum, strum, or shout it out because no matter the source of your sound inspiration, your canvas will sing.

Killer Composition Tools
Imagine painting in perfect symmetry with Mirror and Kaleidoscope, and setting the perfect scene with 1, 2 and 3-point Perspective Guides. Paint just like Da Vinci with the help of the Divine Proportion golden ratio tools and ensure your final composition is both interesting and dynamic by using the rule of thirds.

Learn While You Paint
Launch the Painter application and watch the Welcome Book greet you with helpful new tutorials. Understand how adjusting Painter’s brush controls will visually impact your brush by using Visual Tooltips. In addition, you can access brush hints to help you understand the mechanics behind special media types and brush technology, and see how these tools will give you amazing results.

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