Cyberlink Power Director Ultimate Suite 15

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Advanced & Intuitive Prosumer NLE
Sophisticated & Express Editing Tools
Includes AudioDirector 7/ColorDirector 5
New Action Camera Center
New 360° Video Toolkit
Motion Tracking, Color Correction & More
New Vertical Mobile Video Workflow
50GB CyberLink Cloud Service for 1 Year
Includes 14 Different Effects Packages
Windows Compatible
1 Year Warranty


Cyberlink Power Director Ultimate Suite 15
PowerDirector 15 Ultimate Suite from CyberLink is an award-winning prosumer video editing software that gives you the tools to do pretty much anything you want with your videos; and it now also features an Action Camera Center and 360° video toolkit among other enhancements. A hallmark of PowerDirector is its intuitive interface and workflow. In CyberLink’s words, the system “bridges the gap between what you know how to do, and what you want to do.”

PowerDirector 15 Ultimate Suite also includes AudioDirector 7 and ColorDirector 5, and features 14 different effects packages, such as NewBlue Titler Pro v1.5 and proDAD VitaScene 2 LE.

PowerDirector 15 has advanced tools, like motion tracking and color correction; and express tools, such as Express Projects, which allows you to create professional-quality videos in just a couple of steps. Simply import your videos, drag and drop the clips you want at the beginning, middle, and end, and PowerDirector will take care of the rest, providing you with a finished video ready for viewing.

But then there are also the special features, such as Vertical Video mode, which is specifically for mobile videos. Another example is Video Blending, which literally blends two different images together into one. For example, in one image you can have a guy riding down the highway on a bike, and in another you can have a cracked stone floor. You can blend the two with parameters of your choice, and end up with something like the same guy riding down the same highway, but the road is made of cracked stone.

PowerDirector 15 supports high resolutions and a wide variety of video, audio, and photo formats.

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