Digital Thermal Imaging Printer MSLDY01

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Key Features

  1. Printing Technique: Direct thermal imaging (easy daylight loading)
    • This is a method of printing where images are produced by selectively heating thermal paper, which changes color when heated.
  2. Film Throughput:
    • 80 sheets per hour for 14x17 inch film.
    • 100 sheets per hour for 8x10 inch film.
  3. Resolution: 12-bit resolution, which means it can produce images with 4096 gradations of gray.
  4. Film Supply Tray:
    • There are 2 supply trays.
    • Each tray can hold 100 sheets of film.
  5. Film Output Tray:
    • There is 1 output tray.
    • It can hold up to 50 sheets of film.
  6. Film Sizes:
    • Supported film sizes include 8x10 inch, 10x12 inch, 11x14 inch, and 14x17 inch.
  7. Film Type:
    • The film type used is medical thermal film, and it is blue in color.
  8. Film Input Cassette:
    • All the film comes prepackaged in factory-sealed input cassettes. This ensures the film is protected and ready for use.
  9. Port:
    • The equipment is equipped with a 10/100 base-T Ethernet port (RJ-45), which allows for network connectivity, possibly for transferring images or configuring the equipment.
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The MSLDY01 dry laser imager is a thermal imaging printer specifically created for network-based image replication, with the capability to transmit image data in DICOM 3.0 format. This medical dry laser imager can be seamlessly linked to various medical imaging modalities, including CT (computed tomography), MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging), digital X-ray imaging, fluoroscopy, picture archiving and communication systems, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, portable X-ray imaging, breast X-ray tomography, dental imaging, and various other imaging applications.

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