Epson EB-S03 SVGA 2700 Lumens Portable 3LCD Projector

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Bright output – 2,700 Lumens in both White and Colour Light Output (CLO)
Sharp detail – SVGA and 10000:1 contrast ratio
Easy set-up – automatic vertical keystone correction
Economic – Eco tab setting and automatic lamp dimming function
Wireless options – connect via a range of smart devices

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This LCD projector features an SVGA resolution, digital zoom and an equally high White and Colour Light Output of 2,700 lumens. This not only means you get sharp, clear images, but also that colours are up to 3 times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors.

High Quality, Bright and Vibrant Images
This LCD projector effortlessly displays bright images with vivid colours for a crisp, clear picture: ideal for presentations and moving images, and is aided by the 10,000:1 contrast ratio. With an HDMI input, high definition video and audio content are easily played with the same high quality you would expect from Epson.

Colour Light Output (CLO)
Epson had a bright idea — measure the Colour Light Output (CLO) instead of just the white. High CLO means colours are up to 3 times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors, meaning you don’t need to worry about your presentation displaying dark, dull images.

Colour Brightness is a scientifically set global standard that measures a digital projector’s CLO. It was concluded that there are such significant differences in colour brightness performance among projector models that colour should be measured separately to provide fair and accurate information.

Colour is an important part of image quality, which is why a projector’s colour brightness, given in lumens, is important to know. If it’s not as high as the white brightness, images are duller and colours may appear washed out. Measure the brightness of the red, green and blue light and the resulting value is your CLO.

Look for 2 lumens specifications, 1 for CLO and a separate White Brightness specification. To select a projector with vibrant colour, crisp detail and realistic skin tones, look for Colour Brightness and White Brightness measurements which are equally high.

Thanks to its manual keystone slider and automatic vertical keystone correction, this projector is quick and simple to set-up. No matter the angle of the projector, you can easily align the projection to ensure a straight and correct image. The Colour Universal Design makes operating the projector easier, thanks to LED colours and menu icons on the projector’s control panel.

Wireless Projector
The optional wireless connectivity allows you to show content easily from a range of devices without being connected to the projector via a cable.

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