Espon EB-S41 3LCD 3300 Lumens Projector V11H842041

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Brightness at 3,300lm
SVGA resolution 3300 Lumens
High contrast ratio of 15,000:1
10,000 hours lamp life in eco-mode
Standard Size 60” screen 1.77 – 2.4 m
Zoom Wild 30” – 350” [0.88 – 10.44 m
Zoom Tele 23” – 260” [0.88 – 10.44 m
USB Ports USB Type A: 1, USB Type B: 1
Wireless LAN Unit, Firmware Update
Ports HDMI,2 RCA
Dimensions 302 x 77 x 234 mm
Weight 3 Kg
Warranty 1 Year

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Horizontal Keystone Adjuster
Deliver powerful presentations anywhere in the room. With the easy-to-use sliding Horizontal Keystone Adjuster, screen corrections can be done quickly, easily and accurately, even in a limited space.

With automatic vertical keystone detection and adjustment, there is no longer any need for awkward and time-consuming manual image adjustments that interrupt the smooth flow of your presentation delivery. This handy feature automatically detects the projector’s vertical keystone distortion and corrects it instantly.

Home Screen
View and access your most frequently used functions immediately on the home screen. See all source information at a glance, no matter what the source input. With all the information you need right there on the home screen, wireless connections have never been easier.

Auto Power On
With the auto power on function, projection starts automatically once a projection signal is detected via VGA cable or USB cable, providing you with an easy and hassle-free presentation.

Auto Source Search
With automatic detection of the input source, projection automatically begins without you having to manually switch the input.

Redirected Exhaust
The front-facing exhaust is intelligently positioned to prevent anyone from being exposed to the hot exhaust, especially when on a narrow table. This allows your audience to fully concentrate on the presentation, even if they are seated beside or behind the projector.

Seamless Connectivity and Usability
Wireless Transmission
Enjoy enhanced connectivity and flexibility with in-built Wi-Fi* connectivity. Easily share and transmit images, texts and files from your smart devices using the “Epson iProjection” application for smooth and smart projections.

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