IKE Pabx 32 Extension

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Compatible with KTS & SLT, plug and play
Support PC ( call management and bill) software
Caller ID transferred
Auto Fax detect
Least cost routing
IP code access automatically
Extension password
Busy transferred
Unconditional Transferred
Call Transferred to Secretary
Do Not Disturb(DND)
Day and Night service
Operator attendant
Auto attendant
Party Conference ( between 2 extensions and 1 CO line )
Party Conference ( among 3 extensions)
17.Outside caller call extension by one touch
Extension ring by turns
Hot line ( call to operator by lifts handset without dialing)
Call to operator by one touch dialing
Ringback on busy
Speed dialing
External music on hold socket
Extension outgoing call class
25.Remote program
Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit
27.Monitor voice record
Various Outside ( CO ) Line Access Mode Selection
Extension number assignable freewill ( 2, 3 or 4 digits)
Executive busy override
31.Thirty-two extension ringing assignable
33.Twin routes 3 section OGM (DISA)
34.Self-extension number confirmation
35.Pulse and tone mode setting
36.Polarity Reverse Detection

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