Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard Type Cover | English/Black FM

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For Select Surface Pros
Full QWERTY Keyboard
Dedicated Shortcut Keys
LED Backlighting
Built-In Accelerometer
Large Glass Trackpad
1 Year Warranty

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The black Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover provides a large glass trackpad and a QWERTY keyboard layout to transform your Surface Pro, Pro 6, Pro 4, or Pro 3 tablet into a laptop. The Surface Pro Type Cover is 0.2″ thick and adjusts to different angles when you use the device’s kickstand. When not in use, the cover shields the device’s display from damage and automatically turns off the display to conserve battery life. The mechanical-based keys are optimally spaced and feature LED backlighting, so you can quickly type in dimly-lit environments. Moreover, the cover connects to the Surface Pro via a magnetic interface and offers dedicated buttons for Windows shortcuts, media controls, and screen brightness.

Ultra-slim, yet performs like a full, traditional laptop keyboard
When closed, protects your Surface Pro’s screen and powers down the display, preserving battery life

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